Sunday, April 06, 2008

Relaunch in a few...

I have written this blog of over 2 years now with increasing readership. But the blogging world has changed so much that I have decided that I will take a break of few weeks or months before I relaunch this blog. My structure of publishing three to five posts per month is not anymore aedequate for today's blogging world. I will rethink what this blog should be all about and the frequency of posts.

I won't be gone for too long...


Blogger Elliott Ng said...

Michael! Look forward to hearing what you do next with your blog. I think 1X per week is a reasonable frequency for a blog. There is no hard and set rule on what blog frequency is required. would love to catch up with you some time:

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10:27 PM  
Blogger Ron Shevlin said...

You're on my list (which is a very SHORT list) of bloggers who I wish would blog a lot more often. (The list of bloggers who I wouldn't notice if they stopped blogging altogether is pretty long). Hope you can find the time/energy/focus to keep your thoughts and ideas flowing through your blog.

10:32 AM  
Anonymous Jim Novo said...

Heartily agree with the previous comments. Always worth reading, and looking forward to maybe once a week.

"Marketing Geek" is a good platform though, allows you quite a bit of leeway on topics. So while you might change your outlook on what to write about, consider keeping the title...

8:35 AM  
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6:22 AM  
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