Friday, April 10, 2009

Behavioral Targeting within Social Media

In a very recent meeting with Paul Banas (check out his very well written blog at ) we discussed the latest trends and concepts within the Web Analytics space. In the midst of the discussion we came upon the synergy of using the methodologies of Behavioral Targeting in the Analysis of User Generated Content (UGC). Huayin Wang, one of the truly innovative minds in this space, described the concept of this application as a four step process and methodology. He suggests calling this kind of approach “Micro Analytics”, where one performs analysis on an individual level-type data versus “Macro Analytics” where one is looking purely at aggregated data elements:

  1. Treat UGC as the raw gold of data information. Find the right methodology to score the individual UGC pieces by relevance and relationship to each other. This kind of quantitative exercise will enable one to decipher patterns within the large universe of UGC, either on Flickr, YouTube, on blogs, etc.
  2. Identify the right UGC content clusters to understand marketing opportunities. This will enable one to isolate potential opinion leaders within a certain content grouping as well as unveil unleveraged perception spaces for a particular brand.
  3. Build a persuasion platform that uses the different attributes of each UGC element for an interactive program, all based on the principles of behavioral targeting.
  4. Analyze the modified UGC landscape after a sufficient period of time to understand if the interactive marketing program has created any positive impact for the brand. 

Over the last year the whole Web Analytics space has moved so fast from the pure measuring of Web Metrics into a much more complex and interesting area of mining and influencing the ever increasing and changing landscape of consumer intentions, either in form of UCG, Search Behavior, or expressed written opinions. 

I expect that this sub domain “Social Media Analysis” within Web Analytics will get further attraction and go beyond purely trend and insights reporting. The core challenge will be of how to combine Behavioral Targeting principles within Social Media Analysis to create successful marketing programs. 


Blogger medical wellness park said...

Combining your methods with GSM data of your iPhone will make marketing more individual in your one to one targeting. I think you can meassure the engagement of each group to your brand.

1:28 AM  
Anonymous Paul Banas said...


Thanks for the kind words. That was truly a very thought provoking and productive session.

In addition to the insight benefits you clearly laid out, I also think these persuasion platforms will deliver on better and more relevant digital marketing - moving us from the standard site/demographic based model, to one that focuses on consumer engagement hot spots.

To adapt the old saying: "Where there is smoke, there is probably fire".

12:02 PM  
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