Thursday, February 12, 2009

Interactive Manifesto

Randall Rothenberg from the Interactive Advertising Bureau wrote a pretty interesting piece about the winning principles of interactive marketing and its current hurdles. 

I don’t agree necessarily with everything he wrote but he has some interesting arguments, like:

  • While the principles of direct marketing are critical for good interactive work, most direct marketers ignore the aesthetics of communication which provides true long term value to a brand.
  • A lot of interactive marketers are only interested in optimizing the results of their programs without understanding the “why”. This limitation of knowledge curiosity hampers the growth of interactive
  • He observes that a lot of digital agencies are named after inanimate objects or nonsense words whereas traditional agencies are named after human beings. This reflects a certain depersonalization of advertising that endangers responsible long-term marketing.
  • Along with RG/A’s Bob Greenberg he argues for a third member of the creative team: the creative technologist.

 It’s worthwhile to read the whole piece. 


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