Saturday, January 09, 2010

Mobile Marketing in 2010

Like every year over the last five years, marketers predict 2010 as the breakthrough year for mobile marketing. Honestly I don’t care if 2010 is the year of mobile marketing or not, more important are the long term trends that definitely will increase the importance of the mobile device in any smart marketing solution.

A few observations seem relevant to me:

  • Most researchers predict a roughly four fold increase of spend in mobile marketing in North America by 2015 whereas the overall marketing spend will increase by 10-20%, depending on research source. The overall mobile spend will be still only be around 5% of TV spend but it is getting significant. Now it’s the time for marketer to get their brains and hearts around the importance of mobile marketing
  • Currently most of the mobile marketing spend is put against display media, SMS, and application build, only less than 20% against search. This will change dramatically with the decline of SMS marketing and a strong push into mobile search. Some researchers are predicting that more than 70% of overall mobile marketing investment will move in this Google dominated investment area. This will force marketers to be even smarter in regards to organic and paid search.
  • The definition of the mobile device will change dramatically. It’s currently limited to cell- and smart phones, but one could envision that a fully connected Apple tablet is more a mobile device than a laptop. The changing definition of a “mobile device” will put mobile marketing even further into the ongoing marketing planning discourse between agency and brand manager.
  • Location based intelligence and marketing will increase rapidly over the next years. This will fundamentally improve search results, display advertising, and outbound direct marketing, all centered on the mobile device. One can envision the day when a consumer prefers to search for something on his or her mobile device due to the highly improved results versus using his or her computer.
  • Most North American marketers know that the US is one of the less sophisticated cell- and smart phone markets in the world (despite the iPhone). But most of them have not yet established the right learning mechanisms to mine new trends and insights from Asia, Latam, or even Europe. Whoever does this right will have a competitive advantage in how to successfully leverage mobile marketing.

It does not really matter if 2010 is the year of mobile marketing, it does matter that we all take it seriously, try to better understand it, experiment with it, and integrate it with a real purpose into any marketing solution.


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Michael, I really enjoyed this post -- so much that I linked to it on my own blog post this morning about the iPad:

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